Driven by Our Mission

We formed 4th-IR because we believe that a symbiotic application of machine intelligence and human intelligence will lead to a safer, more sustainable and more productive world.

We believe our expertise in this symbiotic application can enable our clients to achieve greater success in a rapidly changing and ever-more competitive environment.

Client-focused Solutions

We apply our deep experience in a range of relevant fields to provide clients with end-to-end process redesign and issue-based consulting, and, ultimately, the implementation of practical, innovative healthcare and life science solutions. We strive to deliver customized solutions that both enhance the patient experience and drive efficiency, accuracy and profitability.

We guide clients through a digital journey that falls into three phases: Solution Discovery, Solution Build and Solution Run.

Solution Discovery Phase

Step 1 - Initiation

Assess your current state and readiness for the digital journey

Solution Discovery Phase

Step 2 - Target

Define a target state; Visualize your future in a digital world

Solution Discovery Phase

Step 3 - Roadmap

People, process and technology

Solution Build Phase

Step 4 - Design

Design the digital architecture

Solution Build Phase

Step 5 - Build

Realize and build solution

Solution Build Phase

Step 6 - Test

Functional, integration and user-acceptance testing

Solution Run Phase

Step 7 - Deploy

Implement and roll out solution

Solution Run Phase

Step 8 - Monitor

Set up monitoring and controlling in steady state operations

Solution Run Phase

Step 9 - Enhance

Continuous improvement

We leverage emerging technologies, such as machine intelligence, to enhance performance in diverse areas. Some of the areas where we currently work are digital pathology, breast cancer diagnosis and reducing healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) in hospitals.

4th-IR has built a portfolio of best practices and solutions. This gives us the flexibility to apply select best practices to specific challenges clients face and improve their existing processes and systems. We complement this approach by offering innovative products and services. Our work is noted for its intense focus on value for our clients and a preference for practical solutions that can be implemented rapidly.

Gaining the Edge

4th-IR is built on the principles of an elastic enterprise. We maintain a broad network of experts and partners in the fields of healthcare and technology. This network is grounded in a shared vision and passion. The diversity of expertise allows us to take a targeted, agile approach to effectively respond to clients’ needs. We partner with universities, startups, domain experts, and established technology and solution providers. Examples are IBM Watson, Google Cloud ML, Amazon Web Services, 4Quant, Scensei and others. We are working closely with healthcare experts in clinically focused areas such as radiology, digital pathology, oncology, quality control and data enrichment and analysis. We also collaborate with professionals on the operations side to contain costs and enhance efficiencies.

4th-IR continues to enhance the resources we can bring to bear on behalf of our clients. We engage in constant research in the machine intelligence domain to maintain an independent assessment of vendors and offerings in the market. We continue to hire top talent – experts who understand science and business, and the challenges our clients face.

The companies that harness the value of the 4th Industrial Revolution today will be tomorrow’s industry leaders. Now is the time to invest to lead, or else pay later to follow. 4th-IR has the vision, people, tools, research, alliances, networks and collaborative approach to guide clients on this journey and take their performance to the next level.

The 4th-IR Team

Frank M Luijckx, Switzerland

Frank M Luijckx, Switzerland

Chief Executive Officer

Born in the Netherlands, he received a Bachelor of Science in applied physics at the HTS in Dordrecht. Frank is the CEO and one of the founding partners of 4th-IR.  He has been actively involved in Machine Intelligence since 1977. He is also the owner of Trestle Consultancy FZ-LLC in Dubai, as well as a co-founder of, and investor in, Envoyworld, a recent Swiss startup that reveals and unleashes personal and professional network potential. Recently Frank successfully led a partnership to deal with Healthcare Acquired Infections in hospitals using IBM Watson cognitive computing capabilities. Frank is also an associate researcher with the Leading Edge Forum. As a senior executive, with 35+ years of global experience, he has led many large organizations and projects in various businesses and functions. His background covers Process Automation, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Environment, Health & Safety, Sustainability, Purchasing, and Customer Service.

Thomas S Gustinis, Switzerland

Thomas S Gustinis, Switzerland

Chief Financial Officer

Born in Princeton, New Jersey, Thomas received his EMBA from London Business School and Columbia, holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant in New York. Thomas is the the CFO and one of the founding partners of 4th-IR. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trestle Group (a boutique consulting firm focused on the financial service sector), on the Board of Trestle Groups’ Foundation and a Managing Partner / lead of the Risk Management and Compliance practice of Trestle where he is responsible for the offices in Switzerland and the U.K. He has 20 years of experience in regulatory compliance, risk management and program / project management. He enjoys focusing his attention on technological solutions to complex business challenges and is experienced in deploying large-scale but practical business transformational initiatives

David Dittenber, United States

David Dittenber, United States

Marketing & Sales Director

Dave graduated from Aquinas College with a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Biology and Chemistry, which led him into the healthcare field where we worked for 10 years at AstraZeneca in various sales and marketing roles. He then spent four years as a consultant with Global Sales and Marketing Solutions, working on marketing and budgeting strategies for healthcare facilities. Dave is the Sales and Marketing Director and a founding partner of 4th-IR. For over twenty years, Dave has worked extensively in national sales management, marketing, project management and various leadership roles. Dave is the owner and CEO of Downtown Restaurant Investments (DRI), the President/Owner of Facilities Management Consultants International and the President/Owner of DLR Development, a design-to-build solutions firm working extensively with the healthcare industry. With 20 years entrepreneurial experience in fields including healthcare, food service and hospitality, design-to-build projects and more, Dave enjoys the challenge that comes with start-ups and finding solutions for clients.

Bernhard Janischowsky, Frankfurt

Bernhard Janischowsky, Frankfurt

Research & Development

Born in Germany, Bernhard received his EMBA from London Business School and holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Erlangen, Germany. He started his career working in the automotive industry in Spain and in the U.S. before joining Arthur Andersen Consulting in Frankfurt, Germany. During his time at Arthur Andersen, Bernhard worked in process and technology consulting, advising clients on large-scale change projects. In 2003, Bernhard co-founded Trestle Group in Germany as Managing Director. In his 13 years at Trestle Group, Bernhard led many client projects in the sourcing space and is internally responsible for developing consulting methodologies that ensure high-quality delivery. Bernhard has over 20 years of experience in process and sourcing projects as well as advising clients on strategic initiatives. He enjoys leading organizations through transformational change initiatives and is a serial entrepreneur.

The 4th-IR Team

People Focused

  • Committed founders with deep and relevant experience
  • Rapidly assembling a team of top scientists

Extensive Network

  • Access to innovative leaders in Health Care and Life Sciences

Established Alliances

  • Access to a large development and consulting network
  • Leveraging research and advisory services of the Leading Edge Forum

Existing Methodologies

  • Classic as well as specific for the new digital era

Ongoing Research

  • Proven MI thought leadership (Leading Edge Forum research)
  • Ongoing research in MI technology such as Deep Learning applied to cancer biopsy analysis

Proven Track Record

  • Broad consulting experience
  • Successfully delivered Machine Intelligence solutions