Bridge the Gap in the Life Sciences and Healthcare

You have a solutions delivery gap. On one side there is a business problem you’re trying to solve. On the other side is the universe of potential products and services that may or may not help you solve the problem. Bridging the two can be seemingly impossible. 4th-IR bridges the gap by bringing together the best of human intelligence and machine intelligence.

4th-IR moves your business problem through an assessment matrix of potential machine intelligence products and niche services to arrive at a customized solution for you:

  • A solution that includes a primary machine intelligence product
  • A customized 4th-IR algorithm
  • Specialized support services
  • 4th-IR experts in your field support you every step of the way

Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s actually a fast, streamlined process. It will save you money. Deliver bottom-line results. Enhance care. Increase the value your employees add and move you to the front of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where first-in advantage will be paramount to success.

Gaining the Edge

4th-IR is built on the principles of an elastic enterprise. We maintain a broad network of experts and partners in the fields of healthcare and technology. This network is grounded in a shared vision and passion. The diversity of expertise allows us to take a targeted, agile approach to effectively respond to clients’ needs. We partner with universities, startups, domain experts, and established technology and solution providers. Examples are IBM Watson, Google Cloud ML, Amazon Web Services, 4Quant, Scensei and others. We are working closely with healthcare experts in clinically focused areas such as radiology, digital pathology, oncology, quality control and data enrichment and analysis. We also collaborate with professionals on the operations side to contain costs and enhance efficiencies.

4th-IR continues to enhance the resources we can bring to bear on behalf of our clients. We engage in constant research in the machine intelligence domain to maintain an independent assessment of vendors and offerings in the market. We continue to hire top talent – experts who understand science and business, and the challenges our clients face.

The companies that harness the value of the 4th Industrial Revolution today will be tomorrow’s industry leaders. Now is the time to invest to lead, or else pay later to follow. 4th-IR has the vision, people, tools, research, alliances, networks and collaborative approach to guide clients on this journey and take their performance to the next level.